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Mickey Thompson Baja Boss A/T Tyres

Baja Boss A/T
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Details about the Baja Boss A/T

The Baja Boss A/T combines the best features of the ATZP3 and cutting edge technology to deliver exceptional on-road handling, performance, and tread life, while also dominating off-road, thanks to its Asymmetrical Tread Design. It's Mickey Thompson's best A/T to date - aggressive looks, low noise, long-lasting tread, smooth ride, and severe weather rated.

Key Features

  • EXTREME SIDEBITERS - 50% larger than any other previous Mickey Thompson radial tyre, improving off-road traction in extreme conditions and reducing sidewall damage.

  • ASYMMETRICAL TREAD DESIGN - The Asymmetrical Tread Design effectively gives you a tyre with two tread patterns. This means it is able to give better traction on and off-road, better stability and less uneven wear.

  • TERRAIN ATTACKING RIBS AND LUGS - Claw-like ribs allow extra traction and carcass protection.

  • 3PMS SEVERE WEATHER RATING - Ensures maximum grip in adverse conditions for excellent severe weather performance.

  • SOUND DEADENING RIBS - Trap noise generated by the tyre to ensure a quieter drive.

  • CARCASS: POWERPLY XD 3 PLY TECHNOLOGY - The already-proven PowerPly carcass has been made even stronger by increasing sidewall cord thickness by 50%. This means even greater puncture resistance, improved handling and a quicker steering response.

  • PowerPly XD is 10% stronger than standard angle ply technology and gives you greater sidewall protection. The additional denier, combined with the angle, reduces softer rubber gaps between sidewall cords, improves tear resistance, and when coming out of a turn it returns the steering to centre faster than traditional radial construction, so there is less chance of losing control in emergencies.

  • CHEMICALLY-COUPLED SILICA COMPOUND - Mickey Thompson Tires use an exclusive compound recipe utilising Chemically-Coupled Silica. It lowers rolling resistance while enhancing wet grip and improving cut and chip resistance, working together to extend the tyre's life and durability.