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We can handle standard systems to extractors, hi flow cats and big bore systems. As well as turbo cars, and full custom systems.

Your vehicle's exhaust system serves a purpose beyond merely expelling fumes. It is integral to ensuring a smooth, safe, and environmentally-conscious driving experience. This system significantly reduces engine noise, manages emissions, and fine-tunes the vehicle's performance and fuel efficiency.

It's worth noting that exhaust-related issues might not always be overtly noticeable. Be vigilant for signs such as:

  • An exhaust that drags or rattles
  • Increased exhaust sounds
  • Unusual exhaust odours

Located in the heart of Bunbury, HTEC Bunbury boasts a team of experts adept at servicing and repairing exhaust systems across a spectrum of vehicles, including passenger cars, SUVs, 4WDs, and light commercial vehicles.

Reach out to us at (08) 9721 1223 or visit us at 4 Zaknic Place, Bunbury for an in-depth exhaust system evaluation or maintenance session.