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GT Radial Savero HT2 Tyres

Savero HT2
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Details about the Savero HT2

NEW! The GT Radial Savero HT2 is designed specifically for highway and city driving. The Savero H/T 2 features improved ride comfort, reduced cabin noise, and a new rubber compound that delivers outstanding grip and stability in all weather conditions.

Key Features

  • Excellent handling and ride comfort.

  • Outstanding grip and stability.

  • Excellent balance of dry and wet handling

  • Effectively reduces road noise.

Available Sizes

SizeLoad/SpeedRunflatLoad Range
235/75R15 105T
255/70R15 112/110S
SizeLoad/SpeedRunflatLoad Range
215/70R16 99T
215/85R16 115/112R
225/75R16 115/112R
235/70R16 104T
245/70R16 106T
265/70R16 111T
SizeLoad/SpeedRunflatLoad Range
235/65R17 103T
SizeLoad/SpeedRunflatLoad Range
245/60R18 104H
265/60R18 109T
265/65R18 112S
SizeLoad/SpeedRunflatLoad Range
245/55R19 103S