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Steering Repairs

Your vehicle’s steering system is made up of many complex components, including pumps, drive belts, valves, hoses and seals. It is vital that it remains in good working order to ensure that steering wheel movements deliver the appropriate and precise angling intended.

HTEC Bunbury can diagnose, service and replace steering components to keep you safe and in control on the roads.

When to book steering repairs

Ensuring that you have your steering system regularly serviced can prevent expensive repairs later on. For information specific to the make and model of your vehicle, you can refer to your owner’s manual.

You should also be aware of any of the following symptoms:

  • Strange noises when turning the wheel
  • A change in the feeling of your steering
  • Oil leaks under your vehicle

If you have experienced any of these symptoms, contact us.

How to book steering repairs in Bunbury

Located at 4 Zaknic Place, Bunbury, our qualified technicians offer steering repairs to those in Bunbury, Australind, Eaton, Capel, Leschenault. Phone us on (08) 9721 1223, or book now for a reliable and thorough steering repair service.